LIQWID® Launches Yield Analyzer Based on Reach and Frequency, Overcoming Real Limitations of the Impression-Based Currency

LIQWID® expands the benefits of its ad.Inject broadcasting technology for digital publishers by enabling Variable Pricing and Yield Management across multiple revenue sources based on unique viewers and unique clicks, significantly increasing the yielding potential.

LIQWID® launches Yield Analyzer, a feature of its ad.Inject monetization platform, enabling digital publishers for pricing analysis and yield management across multiple revenue sources based on unique viewers and unique clicks, similar to a TV-like Reach & Frequency and Direct Response model, while still providing 100% Fill with a passback for unused inventory.

“LIQWID® earns it publishers 2 1/2 to 3 times versus industry average eCPMs with its Variable Pricing and Yield Management capabilities based on its methodology that incorporates Unique Viewers (Reach) and Frequency into the bidding process while still providing 100% fill.  Today, advertisers are paying based on impressions and only learn after the fact what reach and frequency they achieved.  With any single programmatic partner, buyers can estimated the reach and frequency based on historical averages but they are unable to do so across multiple buying platforms, given the duplicity of viewers presented.  Reach and Frequency must be taken in consideration at the publisher level to achieve true market prices that reflect the value of a publisher’s audience.  When buyers are presented imperfect or incomplete information, they will estimate low and then try to analyze the result, which is frankly impossible across multiple bidding platforms. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose.  By providing accurate information in advance of the bid across multiple partners, publishers now have the analytical tools in a managed way to refine their bidding levels to maximize value to themselves and buyers,” says Jim Rowan, Chairman and President of LIQWID®. “Buyers and Sellers understand that not all impressions have equal value.”

Even if all ads would be viewable today, it would not change the fact that one thousand [viewable] impressions can represent one thousand people viewing the ad once or one person viewing the ad one thousand times. So, the impression as the currency may in fact have a different value and meaning for different buyers bidding on the same impression opportunity, and irrespective to the traditional media currency of reach and frequency - how many different people could view the ad and how many times.

Nikolai Mentchoukov, CEO at LIQWID

“On the other hand, Publishers who only sell impressions and are trying to achieve a 100% fill rate are at a terrible disadvantage when it comes to effective yield management. Most, if not all, ad distribution technologies including retargeting, remarketing, big data, performance based and even generic frequency cap controls make the viewer [cookies] to be used in the process flow a step before the bidding on the impression opportunity. Simplistically, if the viewer does not meet the ad targeting profile in a buyer’s system, there will be no bid participating in the auction for this [viewable or not] impression opportunity from that buyer system,” clarifies Nik Mentchoukov, CEO of LIQWID®. “Let's say two publishers with a similar audience demographics are trying to price effectively and sell one thousand impressions. One publisher has 250 unique viewers and another has 500. The one with 250 uniques will get 50% less ad dollars from the same buyers participating in the “fill” based on the same pricing for the same set of one thousand impressions. On the other hand, this publisher has the advantage to sell Reach [uniques] twice based on the same Frequency distribution via different buyers’ systems based on variable pricing and may end up getting more revenue.”

The concepts of “fill rate” based on impressions in fact has different meanings for different publishers in terms of Reach and Frequency and require different pricing strategies and probably even a different revenue source structure,” adds Nik Mentchoukov.  “With LIQIWD’s®​ Yield Analyzer, publishers are able to manage for the most effective pricing for actual viewer-targeted “fill” and frequency across multiple programmatic platforms as well as for Direct Sales.  LIQWID® Yield management features and comprehensive pricing analytics capabilities are here to achieve these complex tasks, enabling essentially for straight-forward Reach and Frequency and Direct Response models, like with TV or Radio, just with computer-like precision.  Additionally, our passback capability ensures the fill of any unused inventory.”

“Viewability is very important, but it is not a goal by itself,“ continues Rowan.  “The effectiveness and ROI on the advertiser’s side and the targeted audience based on relevant and effective pricing on the publisher’s side are the keys to effective pricing management for both buyers and sellers. LIQWID® enables publishers for a more effective way to price and manage their inventory without learning ‘rocket science’ – LIQWD® does the data analysis and execution, so finally, publishers can manage their yield effectively the same way their colleagues do in traditional mediums.“

About LIQWID®​:

LIQWID®, a brand of LeftsnRights, Inc., was founded by Nikolai Mentchoukov and Jim Rowan in 2010. LIQWID is a plug-and-play monetization solution for digital publishers based on multiple revenue sources and a global provider of digital viewable inventory via an array of technological solutions enabling the market to sell, buy, and run only viewable ads.
LIQWID® ad.Inject all-In-one tag advertising engine injects display, skins, video, and adaptive ads into the viewport of the viewers’ browser on the fly programmatically, creating new, premium inventory for programmatic, traditional media buys, and direct sales. In addition to a campaign management system for direct sales based on 100% viewable ads, LIQWID® provides comprehensive Waterfall Optimizer and Yield Analyzer Based on Reach and Frequency.

For more information, visit or contact Nikolai Mentchoukov at 800-870-5006 or nm(at)liqwid(dot)com.

Source: LIQWID®


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