LIQWID Launches Digital Farm-to-Table Marketplace (FTT)

LIQWID Digital Farm-to-Table Platform

LIQWID introduces an end-to-end demand and supply platform that allows advertisers and publisher to buy and sell premium ad formats, directly with each other and programmatically, viewable-only inventory* based on directly negotiated prices.

Leveraging the ultimate viewability and dynamic nature of digital advertising inventory created using LIQWID Viewable Advertising Library (VAL),, LIQWID,, introduces a platform that enables the market to forecast, buy and sell, directly and programmatically highly premium ad formats that have been previously considered only for direct campaigns with custom implementation on each participating website required. 

The platform enables advertisers for the same highly creative high-impact and sponsored mix of ads to be seamlessly distributed across websites with different layout structures. And the dynamic VAL Placements accommodate the ad positioning custom to each original website design automatically, approved by the publishers but without any programming work on the publishers' side needed. 

The Farm-to-Table approach where advertisers and publishers receive data transparently within the same system enables media buyers and publishers to have an accurate forecast of viewable-only inventory with directly negotiated pricing directly for guaranteed and none-guaranteed buys. 

From simple display ad campaigns to very sophisticated high-impact and sponsored-like mix of placements and media can all be bought and sold now based on 100% viewable opportunities created and pre-verified in real-time before presenting for bidding or ad delivery. 

The virtual nature of dynamic inventory allows for a Forecasting mode performing all processes virtually, without running actual ads. In addition to the number of Viewable Impressions [inventory] opportunities, the inventory-level reports provide the number of unique users [reach] and frequency, the in-view time, and historical data on the click-through based on a specific time interval for each placement on each website. 

The platform is free of charge and does not have any minimum requirements and can be used for local ads on local-audience websites as well as national and international scale content and campaigns. 

"Premium advertising made scalable," notes Jim Rowan, LIQWID Chairman and President. "Advertisers and publishers can buy and sell premium ad formats, directly with each other in an automated way. The FTT platform provides the simplicity and ease of a programmatic ecosystem while allowing advertisers and publishers to interface directly, including negotiated pricing. "

* LIQWID Ad Technology(R) utilizes the Viewable Inventory metric -- a standard based on an event of a viewable impression opportunity created within the digital content resolute at the user's screen, pre-verified and presented for bidding, ad delivery or forecast in real-time.

Source: LIQWID


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