With thirty years experience in advertising, Nikolai has been widely acclaimed as one of the leading experts worldwide in the fields of rich media content and creation of new advertising models. Founder of Greatis, one of the largest advertising agencies in post-soviet Moscow, Academy of Graphic Design and International Biennial "Golden Bee" in 1992, he brought to the market a rare combination of creative talent, technical expertise and innovative entrepreneurial mind. 

He is the creator of the World's first Webmercial (1999), inventor, and developer of Rich Media Optimization Technique, a hybrid of creative and technological tricks, which in 1999 allowed for instant streaming of rich media with no download time, even over slow modems. 

Nikolai received numerous international awards in recognition of the most creative web designers worldwide and his achievements in technology and innovations, including the World Best Website (1999), UTAH Innovation Award (2011), and nomination for Edison Awards in 2012. He also has been elected member of the panel of judges for International Web Page Award, New York Festival, and the Web Marketing Association, WebAwards. 

Nikolai is the inventor of FSDC (2001), a client-side reporting technology that enabled for viewability. Eight years later (2009) he brought the Viewable Impression metric technology through the audit and accreditation by Media Rating Council (MRC), being acclaimed as the Father of Viewable Impression.